Writing an Essay
Writing an Essay

When someone’s purpose is to describe a problem and evaluate possible solutions, he/she will write a problem solving essay. In academic writing, the problem solving essay is very common and useful. For example, students would use it in a ecological class if they were asked to discuss solutions to the problem of endangered species. Students also can write this type of essay in an computer science class if they needed to suggest some ways to solve the inefficient performance of a system.

Once someone has decided to write a problem solving essay, there are several techniques should be pay attention. First, he/she should carefully investigate if a problem exists and describe the problem clearly. While describing a statement of problem, he/she should mentions why it is serious. Second, the solutions recommended for the problem should be convincing and effective. They must prove his viewpoint by supporting it with persuasive facts and evidences. Finally, the essay must be able to influence the readers that the proposed solutions are practical and valuable.

Well, below is a guideline for organizing a problem solving essay:


  • Describe the problem and state why it is serious.
  • Write a thesis statement that identifies possible solutions.

Supporting Paragraphs

  • Discuss one solution in each supporting paragraph.
  • Provide details to support each solution.
  • Organize the paragraphs according to order of importance.


  • Summarize the solutions.
  • Draw a conclusion or make a prediction based on your suggestions.

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