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在友站(Jas 9 Taipei – 滿足你揍人慾望的遊戲網站)發現一個很有趣的遊戲網站: PlayMyGame – personalized games. Create your own personalized games in only 3 steps! personalized games, online games, flash games, games。在這裡,只需要三個步驟,即可創造出屬於您個人化的小遊戲喔!^^ 分別是:

  1. Upload picture
  2. Adjust it
  3. Play Game

另外,PlayMyGame 提供了四個 Example Games ,分別是:

  1. Boxing
  2. iDance
  3. Birthday
  4. SuperMe


首先,先到 PlayMyGame 的首頁,然後點選Start開始製作小遊戲吧!



By Allen Yang

Just a tiny guy!

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