Google殺手級的服務:Gmail,最近推出了一個新的”服務”,或者說是Gmail本身的進化與改版… 總之Google累積了多年的Gmail經驗,因此,相當了解電子郵件使用者的習慣與需求,為了讓使用者能有更佳的操作體驗,提高組織郵件與工作的效率,這個新服務(進化)應運而生,榮重介紹:Inbox by Gmail!登楞~~~

Built on everything we learned from Gmail, Inbox is a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters.

— cited from:Google —

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以下是Google的官方影片,簡單介紹了Inbox by Gmail的介面與功能。

Inbox by Gmail的官方網站中摘錄Inbox by Gmail的四個主要特色:

  1. Inbox bundles up similar messages and shows you the Highlights, like photos, reservations, purchases, and more.
  2. See order updates, flight status, reservation details, and pictures without having to open the message.
  3. Add your to-dos to the top of your inbox. And even get a helping hand to get them done.
  4. Snooze messages and reminders to whenever (or wherever) you choose.

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目前Inbox by Gmail還再封測的階段,就是… 沒有完全開放給所有Gmail的使用者使用,要體驗Inbox by Gmail,必須要到Inbox by Gmail取得邀請函才行,作法如下:

Step 1. Simply use your Gmail address to request an invite below.
Step 2. Send an email to to request your invitation.

然後,等個幾天就可以收到啟用Inbox by Gmail的邀請函,如下圖所示~ (那是我的邀請函~ 啦啦啦~)

Your invitation to try Inbox by Gmail
Your invitation to try Inbox by Gmail

By Allen Yang

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