It has been a long time that I did not write a blog article in english. So~ it can be predictable that my english writing ability might become terrible. Fine~ I just want to practice…

Ok~ let’s see~

I’m going to briefly introduce an interesting song: Roll with the punches! This song is very special, because it takes a different way to express a philosophy about Life. It uses many vocabulary and phrases about boxing such as punches, a fist, knock out, the ring… to imply some bad situations in life. As the lyrics, it points out that life is usually unexpected, sometimes life may give us a punch, make we hurt or frustrated. But we still should be optimistic. If we keep a positive attitude, we will have chance to fight back.

That is what I believed that even things don’t go our way, we should to adapt these changes and keep moving ahead instead of be flipping out.

oh~ in the end I should introduce the singer, her name is Lenka. She is an Australian. This song is featured on her second album: TWO, released in 2011.

Bellow is a music clip of this song: roll with the punches!

By Allen Yang

Just a tiny guy!

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