Tizzy Bac is one of the most popular indie rock band in Taiwan. I remember that the first time I heard their music is on the radio. That day I just drove my car on my way home.while I turned on the radio, I heard a buoyant rhythm with a inspiring lyrics. Because this song is so impressive. Therefore, when I back home, I opened my computer and searched for one piece of lyrics: 我最強、我最強,這世界就我最強,我可以為你抵擋黑暗的力量! Then I found out this song: 鞋貓夫人,Madame!!! Then I played this music and repeated it again and again. Damn! This song is awesome and so motivational, it make me feel good. After that day I became a super fan of Tizzy Bac. I bought their music, and follow them on the internet.

Recently Tizzy Bac released their new album 易碎物. And they will stage their concert 易碎物 (the same name with album) on 20th July, 2013. Of course, I won’t miss their concert. Now I’m so excited to take part their concert. Therefore, I pasted their new music video below: 這是因為我們能感到疼痛. Hope you will like their music, too.

By Allen Yang

Just a tiny guy!

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