When I was a child, Hong Kong’s zombie movies are my favourite. In that age, zombies horror movies are popular, and tons of that kind of movies been produced in Hong Kong. Therefore many stars had been built up by those movies such as 林正英許冠英Siu-hou Chin (錢小豪)、Anthony Chan (陳友)… and so on. But many years ago, at least 10 years ago, Hong Honk’s movie industry was declining. People no longer interested on Chinese zombie movies. So that these stars faded away from screen.

In this year, 2013, this old fashion movie topic has been re-produced by a Hong Kong’s movie director, 麥浚龍. The movie’s name is: 殭屍 (Rigor Mortis)! Few month ago, I watched the movie trailer on the internet, and I was so excited about it. Because that make me recall my children memory. Last Wednesday, I went to Miramar Cinemas to watch this movie!!!

This movie, 殭屍 (Rigor Mortis), is truly great! It has a fluent plot. The director conduct a great horror atmosphere. That is very creepy. The visual effect is also great! Besides that the cast members of this movie are all classic for Chinese zombie movie. They backed into screen is really touching!

殭屍 (Rigor Mortis)
殭屍 (Rigor Mortis)

To sum up, this movie I give it 8 stars in the IMDb! Strongly recommend everyone should go to movie theatre to watch it!

By Allen Yang

Just a tiny guy!

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