Last night, Dec. 7th, 2013, I went to Taipei Arena to watch Cheer Chen‘s concert: Songs of Transience.That was a great show. Absolutely Fantastic!

Cheer Chen is Taiwan’s famous singer. Her music style typically is rock music or folk music. But in recent years, she started to explore different music style, such as electronic music, and added many experimental music style to her works. As her new music album: Songs of Transience, released on Nov. 30th, 2013, we can hear many different music tastes and realized her music diversity. For example one track of her new album: A Box Full of Rain (雨水一盒), which fuses folk and electric style, and makes it sounds fresh.

Besides her new released snogs, At last night’s concert, Cheer also performed many her classic hits. Such as Groupies (吉他手), Travel is Meaningful (旅行的意義) Sentimental Kills, 太陽, 魚, 小步舞曲….. All these songs are my favourites.

Well, following let’s talk about last night’s concert. Cheer‘s concert is well known as her dedication. Through the whole show one can easily realised how she was devoting to the performance. She always gets close to her audience and makes audience to feel her friendly. Last night, when she sang 1234567, she asked everyone to setup flash light on camera. Then she began to count down 1 to 7. Once she counted to 7, everyone pressed shutter release button simultaneously. Suddenly everyone’s cameras were flashing in the concert field. That looked like stars shinning in the dark sky. That was truly fantastic!!!

Cheer's Concert: Songs of Transience!
Cheer’s Concert: Songs of Transience!

Last night Cheer did many interactions with audience. One of the most impressive part is Cheer brought a huge microphone record audiences’ hailing voice. When she came close to my seat, I yelled as loud as I can. Hope my voice had been record… haha~

In addition, besides Cheer‘s performance, the light show was awesome! The light equipment in Taipei Arena is truly great. Colorful and variant light show was also impressive. That is the value-added part of this concert.

Anyway, I am starting to look forward Cheer’s concert in next year right now!

By Allen Yang

Just a tiny guy!

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