Bird Jumper
Bird Jumper

今天下載了一款很有趣的手機遊戲APP:Bird Jumper !最近在App Store限時免費下載~。

首先,這款遊戲吸引我的地方是~ 簡潔又有藝術感的遊戲畫面,整體風格輕鬆又沒負擔,很適合用來消磨無聊的時光~ XD

以下是Bird Jumper的官方介紹:

For your whole life you’ve been stuck on the ground, staring jealously at the birds soaring above. Until one day you decide enough is enough; it’s time to fly! So you grab a balloon and float into the sky, ready for whatever awaits you.

Bird Jumper is about timing, reflexes, and focus. The only way to get higher is to dive straight down. If you time it right, you’ll bounce off the back of a passing bird and fly even higher. But time it wrong, and it’s all over.

— Cited from Bird Jumper —

Bird Jumper是一款捲軸遊戲,要操作一個小男孩不斷地往前往上跳躍,而跳躍的方式就是要踩到飛過他腳下的小鳥,遊戲方式相當簡單,用手指點畫面就可以了,玩這款遊戲需要一點技巧,就是節奏感要好~ 剛開始玩的時候,可能會有想要摔手機的念頭,重複玩個幾次,抓住跳躍的TEMPO後,就會比較好過一點囉~

整體來說,小弟給這款遊戲4.5顆星~ (滿分5顆星),真的很適合用來打發時間….

最後補充一點,就是Bird Jumper的背景音樂還蠻好聽的~ 以下附上在Youtube上的演奏影片~

By Allen Yang

Just a tiny guy!

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