On 2 May, 2014, Lily Allen, a British female music artist, released her new album: Sheezue.  This is Lily’s third studio album. Her last (second) album is  It’s Not Me, It’s You, which was released in 2009. Over the 5 years, I still remember how her sweet voice and music style impressed me as the first time I listened to her music. Few days ago, I noticed that she has released new album, then I opened iTunes immediately and ordered the all tracks of this album. While I listened to the entire album, whoa… I think that this album is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

Let’s see. In Sheezue, there are three tracks are my favourites. Following, I gonna recommend these songs:

Our Time

This is a lovely song. I think that after a tired day job and leave office, especially on Friday night, if someone hear this song. It must can make him/her completely relaxed.

We just wanna dance the night away
We don’t give a damn what people say
We’ve had enough so turn it up
Tonight we’re taking over
And we wanna drink ’til we lose our minds
Wanna lose sense of space and time
We’re going through, it’s how we do
Tonight we’re taking over

— part of the lyrics of OUR TIME —


“Sheezus” is really an interesting song. While I read this song’s lyrics, I noticed that this song mention severals famous singers, such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lorde, Lady GaGa. It made me curious about what she really wanna express. So that I read many song review articles about this snog. (ex. Lily Allen: Sheezus | Album Reviews | Pitchfork) Now I can realized how she prepared herself to step back into the spotlight. She must be a courageous girl.

Been here before, so I’m prepared
Not gonna lie though, I’m kinda scared
Lace up my gloves, I’m going in
Don’t let my kids watch me when I get in the ring
I’ll take the hits, roll with the punches
I’ll get back up, it’s not as if I’ve never done this
But then again, the game is changing
Can’t just come back, jump on the mic, and do the same thing
There goes the bell, I know that sound
I guess it’s time for me to go another round
Now wish me luck, I’m gonna need it
I’ll see you on the other side, if I’m still breathing

— part of the lyrics of SHEEZUE —

Air Balloon

At the first time I listened to this song, it make me felt like to escape from the reality and fly into the sky. It make me free. Such music style is my favourite.

Come meet me in the sky I’ll be waiting for you
And we can’t hear what they say
Up in my air balloon, air balloon, air balloon
Sing, sing along, along any song you want to
Now we’re so high, it can’t rain
Up in my air balloon, air balloon, air balloon (ha)

— part of the lyrics of AIR BALLOON —

By Allen Yang

Just a tiny guy!

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