Google 大神又在搞一些有趣的創意了:Gmail: A Behind the Scenes Video。這一次的主題是:Gmail,Google 邀請大家幫忙做一些關於 Gmail 的宣傳影片,象徵著人們利用電子郵件(Email)互相傳遞訊息而緊密交織。


要參加這個活動必須先下載一個 Gmail 的標誌(如右圖所示),然後用您的攝影機以這個標誌為主角,讓它不斷的由螢幕左邊傳到螢幕右邊…(someone hands the Gmail M-velope in from the left of the screen, and hands it off to the right. Put them all together, and they form one long chain of hand-offs.) @@,Google解釋說:

Well, you can see this as a symbol of how email connects people from all over, making the world feel a bit smaller. Or you could think of it as a metaphor for mail exchange servers, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and all of the technical steps involved in getting a Gmail message around the world from one inbox to another. But, really, we just wanted to have a little fun.

— cited from google —


1. Official Gmail Blog: Help make a Gmail video
2. YouTube: The Official Google Channel

By Allen Yang

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