Steve Jobs introduced iPhone!
Steve Jobs introduced iPhone!

寫這篇文章,是因為我要為我前幾天一項很失禮的舉動…懺悔。前幾天飽受壓力與疲憊的煎熬… 說了一些很沒志氣的話…

後來看到了這篇文章:The Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry。讀完這篇文章之後,發現… 原來光鮮亮麗的背後才是真正有價值的地方!

The demo was not going well.


It was a late morning in the fall of 2006. Almost a year earlier, Steve Jobs had tasked about 200 of Apple’s top engineers with creating the iPhone. Yet here, in Apple’s boardroom, it was clear that the prototype was still a disaster. It wasn’t just buggy, it flat-out didn’t work. The phone dropped calls constantly, the battery stopped charging before it was full, data and applications routinely became corrupted and unusable. The list of problems seemed endless. At the end of the demo, Jobs fixed the dozen or so people in the room with a level stare and said, “We don’t have a product yet.”

— cited from WIRED MAGAZINE: ISSUE 16.02 —

看這張代表光榮時刻的照片,在這張照片的背後… 當初iPhone要發表前,那些工程師一定也經歷了飽受壓力煎熬折磨的日子…….


By Allen Yang

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